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Rhodes has a long and impressive history; it’s a place where the strong mediaeval aspect blends with the traditional Greek one. It is also an island with great natural beauty: the lovely beaches face the pine woods on the mountainsides; the mountain villages overlook the seaside towns; and the archaeological sites, the mediaeval monuments and the cosmopolitan resorts arranged in the traditional style all conspire to make the popularity of this destination so hard to resist, even to a demanding traveler.

The island’s capital: its mediaeval and modern character have blended to create one of the most beautiful towns of the world. It was founded in 408 BC and it consists of the fortified mediaeval (old) town, and the new town which includes older, neoclassical and modern buildings. The mediaeval town has been inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list and it was built in a semicircle around the main harbor. Stroll about its picturesque alleys and along the renowned Street of the Knights, which was restored to the exact shape and size it had in the Middle Ages.

Don t miss to take a trip to Kallithea, a beautiful area in the north and visit Koskinou, a listed traditional village with colorful houses, decorated with ceramic plates and hand-woven fabrics and the bathhouses, these hot springs were exploited by the Italians in 1929.

In addition, for those you like to visit ancient monuments Lindos lies there which used to be a rich and powerful city-state, and its imposing acropolis perched on a high rock bears proof to its past glamour. Visitors to nearby modern day Lindos will be impressed by the view of the village stretched along the foot of the rock.

And of course, do not miss to visit the renowned Valley of the Butterflies which is a must-visit area located near Theologos village. The valley is the habitat for butterflies of the genus Panaxia quadripunctaria and it will be a memorable experience for you to visit this beautiful green area sometime from June until September: you will enjoy the amazing views of millions of butterflies which appear at that time. Make sure you also visit the nearby small museum of Natural History.