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Central Greece

Central Greece, known is part of the Greek mainland that has been inhabited since antiquity.

We at Travel idea can arrange for you to visit the area and admire among others forested mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, rich fauna and flora and remarkable archaeological sites!

During your visit take a look at the archaeological site of Delphi and the Oracle of Apollo or even the picturesque seaside towns of Galaxidi and Itea, as well as beautiful Nafpaktos of great historical importance.

We can also suggest Karpenisi, the ideal destination as there is a multitude of activities for you throughout the year! Can you imagine your self-making trekking along the riverbanks and in the river’s crystal-clear waters for about 45 minutes, arriving at the waterfalls of Panta Vrechei and its magical surrounding? Or Rafting in Trikeriotis and descent to the first part of the river in the imposing gorge fills us with wonderful images and experiences?

Or are you a lover of skiing and snowboarding? Then your place is Mt. Parnassos and nearby picturesque Arachova Village, the most cosmopolitan winter destination in Greece!