Travel Idea DMC


Epirus, lies between the Pindos Mountain range and the Ionian Sea. The area is famous for its great virgin forests, the Dragon Lakes (the mythical mountain lakes) and the untamed slopes that provide a plethora of activities (mountaineering, climbing, ski, hiking, mountain biking etc.)

For your information Arachtos especially, is considered as one of the most beautiful and challenging rivers for kayaking, while Voidomatis runs through the impressive gorge of Vikos.

We propose to pay a visit to Zagorochoria, a group of 46 villages located all over the slopes of the mountains. And of course, at the Vikos Canyon which is close and the second deepest in the world, with an ecosystem of 1.700 plants and 182 animals! Then cross and take many pictures of the historic stone bridges of Epirus, where legends and local traditions leave their mark on these architectural masterpieces of superb craftsmanship. Last but not least explore Dodoni, the place where the famous oracle used to be in ancient times, pay a visit at the famous Theater of Dodoni, the largest in antiquity.