Travel Idea DMC


Thessaly, a region of sheer beauty with mountains, rivers, beaches, the popular Plastira LakeTempi valley, and last but not least the unique Meteora, the most photogenic spiritual site in Greece.

Byzantine monasteries and churches, traditional settlements and ski resorts complete the fascinating natural beauty of Thessaly and make it a popular holiday destination.

A suggestion would be to visit Volos, the city of the Argonauts, where you will definitely pass by a tsipouro taverna as they are dispersed in every nook and cranny: almost 600 (!) of them bear the gastronomic stamp of the city and provide people with a favorite meeting point; that is the unrivalled landmark of Volos.

Secondly, Mt Pelion which is gorgeous throughout the year, to the one side, the Pagasitikos Gulf and, to the other, the Aegean!

On the way from Volos to Pelion, you will pass Portaria and Makrinitsa, the star villages of Pilio, with their stone fountains, quaint homes, paths, boutique bed & breakfasts and five-star hotels, churches. Below, the panoramic view of Volos and the Pagasitikos Gulf is laid out at your feet. In these jewels of Pelian architecture, you’ll experience what quality of life really means.

But do not forget to take the legendary “Mountzouris”, the traditional train of Pelion that connects Milies with Ano Lechona.

Skiing with a view of the Aegean? Just the place to be! The ski resort in Agriolefkes, at 1,470m above sea level, awaits you with four slopes for advanced skiers and one for beginners (7km in total), and a warm and cozy refuge for après-ski.